Stream of Consciousness Saturday: 4 September

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: 4 September

Above the dim stir
and clatter of dishes, 
    we sit
    content at tables.

Dinner talk.
Tea and sugar.
Blossoms and ash.

the ages,
playing cards.

Pale world
in constellations,

five stars
        look like a cat.

And this dull pencil
has lost its
sharpened pin.

Dull lines is all
it writes. It seems to me

there’s not one earthly thing
that a word has left untouched.

written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday “pins”  #SOCS Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

10 responses to “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: 4 September”

  1. Especially that final couplet. That carries truth.

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    1. That concept has been banging around in my head for a while.


  2. Nothing dull here. isn’t that lovely old pen just made for writing poetry! 👍🙂

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    1. Thank you, and yes, complete tactile.

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  3. Fine work indeed, M. I esp like ‘We, / the ages…”


    1. Thank you, Ron. Glad you liked it. 👍🏻


  4. Fabulous, the way that the words that come before us way down our views. Dull pen writes with just as much force, or so it would seem.


  5. Maybe that’s why we turn our faces to the sky…


  6. Wow. If that’s stream of consciousness… your brain is simply a coil of poetry waiting to be drawn out. Mr Worms was today describing when he made nylon in high school chemistry. Two chemicals in a beaker and where they meet, the nylon is formed and you simply put in your tweezers and pull it out and as you pull, more forms where the chemicals meet and you end up with this long string. This is the wonder of your brain.


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