dVerse Oral Poetry

Another Fish Story

His only wish that summer
was to catch that fish.
Worms on hooks.
Flies on lines cast in air.
Right from the start he said,
I’m smarter than any fish.
But it hid in tendril roots,
gills breathing, nebulous green
leaves like shade from heaven.
His great regret,
                    and he had a few,
was catching that fish
that outwitted him that summer.

Written for  dVerse oral poetry. ©Misky 2021

17 responses to “dVerse Oral Poetry”

  1. I think sometimes fish are smarter than they seem! This is a beautiful whisper of a poem. My favourite lines:

    ‘gills breathing, nebulous green
    leaves like shade from heaven.’

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  2. This is a lovely poem capturing the tranquility of fishing. I enjoyed angling as a young man but gave it up when I became unconvinced with the arguments about fish not feeling pain.🤨


  3. My goodness! This is exquisitely drawn, Misky! I especially love; “nebulous green leaves like shade from heaven.” 💝💝


  4. Loved the twist, Misky 🙂
    It’s a bit like Joker and Batman, if you know what I mean – one of the major themes of that relationship is that neither is himself without the other…


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