30 August: 20 Pieces of a Poem

from Flickr Commons “Free Group”

Piece #5:  The One with a Person’s Name

His name? Don’t think you’d find anyone who remembers that. People just called him Ida’s Youngest. His face, yes,  everyone knew his face. Ida’s Youngest. God spit that boy out on a Tuesday, mistaking him for an olive pit. That’s what the priest told Ida, and that some day her boy might sprout into something worth the bother of birthing him. Ida said that she got it all wrong raising up her youngest, and it put her off ever having another younger one. 

Abstracts of nature
Splintered wood and sea water
Or wind speeding sky

Poetic form: Haibun. This is Piece Five of a (draft) multi-part project based on a concept originally created by Jim Simmerman, entitled “Twenty Little Poetry Projects”. Image is from Flickr Commons “Free Portrait Group“.   ©Misky 2021

6 responses to “30 August: 20 Pieces of a Poem”

  1. Poor fellow. If only he’d been Brad Pitt instead of Olive Pit. Beautiful writing, Misky. I love the haiku. The characters are solid. I love them too.


  2. One day earlier, he coulda been fair of face, but Tuesday’s child has to settle for being full of grace, eh?
    Haibunilicious, M.

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    1. Not forgetting that they are feisty, fiery and often self-destructive according to my research. So much more interesting a character to create than one full of grace. 😂


  3. You never know with the baby of the family….

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    1. LOL! True enough, Lisa.

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