Another One Falls

Photo by Jonathan Ford on Unsplash
Another One Falls 

Another one falls to  
       soaped windows
Graffiti'd boards 

Boys and girls
       schools are closed

Beer cans tossed
Hope, no hope, there’s  
       shooters on the road 

Tricks on skateboards 
Tricks with pimps

We’re breathing air
       that makes us sick

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge “Falling”. I went with the word “Falls”

10 responses to “Another One Falls”

  1. Wow! A punch in the gut with beauty twined about. Love it!

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    1. Thanks, Worms. Did it load okay? I tried using the Verse block, but it’s not behaving in my Safari browser.

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      1. My computer gobbled it up like a party treat. No hesitation.


        1. Okay, I’ll try it in a different browser. Thanks.

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  2. Great twists of phrases that highlights our current plight. Powerful stuff, Misky.

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