from Public Domain Review


Time took
          my oldest friend’s life.

Her son took reams of paper,
scribbled with phrases and
her partially complete poems,
and put them in a metal box.
Locked it, and then buried it
in a corner of the garden.

Rain fell down on it, but it
          never blossomed,
          nor ever bore fruit.

Shared #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

10 responses to “Planted”

  1. Poignant. Sad. Well written.

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    1. Thanks, Hobbo. I’ve since told my children to please bury all my scribbles and notebooks, rather than throw them in a bin. My eldest said, That’s going to be a damned big hole. As for my friend, she had a very long life, and I’m a happier and better person for knowing her. And I told her so. ❤️

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      1. That’s good, and it is great that you are taking something positive from this! 💖

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  2. So sad. Grief is a powerful thing and it comes through very strongly … beautifully penned.


    1. I have enough lovely memories to last me my lifetime. It softens to fall.

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  3. It’s not true, Misky. Whatever good things she may have written have blossomed into your beautiful remembrance of her work.

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  4. A sad story, but beautifully told, and she was obviously loved.

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