In Clove and Nutmeg

In Clove and Nutmeg

Autumn’s feel reminds me
of a poverty of time

In clove and nutmeg tones
It’s brittle. In need of sleep

Geese flee south overhead
A squirrel, branch to branch

Tiredness loses importance
when autumn wants to be seen

Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

9 responses to “In Clove and Nutmeg”

  1. Beautiful. I love the title, the imagery, the feel of this poem. Meanwhile we are springing! Blossoms awakening, magpies swooping, borders popping out of the land like surprise forts… it’s quite rambunctious. 😂

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    1. I’m longing for spring, and we haven’t even felt winter’s grip yet. And can you believe it, my chilli peppers are just now starting to bloom. I’ll have to buy peppers this year. Our summer has been cold, and wet, and sunless. Between that and Covid, I’m surprised any of us are still upright. 😂

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  2. 😂. I am flat as a pancake. I wonder if we’ll get your cold grey summer on the US’s hot dry one. I think it’ll likely be the latter. Our last summer was so gentle and kind.

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    1. I think that will depend on which surfaces in the Southern Oscillation, La Niña or El Niño. I read somewhere that La Niña is expected recur in autumn 2021 through winter 2022.


      1. Very meteorological. 👍


        1. It’s an English thing, weather obsessed.

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  3. Please, please, PLEEEEEZE don’t make it Autumn yet, Misky. I promise to be good if you let me have just a couple more afternoons in the lake.

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    1. Ooooh okay then. 🥰

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  4. I enjoy autumn… but when the stores ready for the December holidays and have pinecones over dosed with glove, nutmeg and cinnamon – it can be overwhelming.

    Enjoyable verses. Glad I got in one ocean swim… while away.

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