17 August: 20 Pieces of a Poem

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Piece #4: The One That Includes Synesthesia

He can hear his mother, Ida, from all the way down here, calling him for dinner, not because it’s a short distance from home, but rather it’s Ida’s tin-roof-steep-pitched voice and two-fingered whistle nagging after him into the gully. Into the deepness of trees and a green-weave of leaves. Summer heat never finds him down this far. It’s cool, lush with watercress and fiddlehead ferns, and when you push aside all this green there’s a small bubbling gulp of a sulphurous spring that scents the air with rotten eggs and pongy toes. And every time his mother boils up eggs, and that same pongy smell fills the air, he sees cool shades of green shadows again. Gully-green hard-cooked eggs. He  learned later that his mum’s eggs are green because they’re  mercilessly overcooked.

Green shadows
A child’s memory
Framed gold

Poetic Form: Haibun. This is Piece Four (draft) of a multi-part project. The concept was originally created by Jim Simmerman, entitled “Twenty Little Poetry Projects”. Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

11 responses to “17 August: 20 Pieces of a Poem”

  1. Super haibun, hon, and isn’t pongy a great word, just invented for the word toes! 😂

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    1. I love the word pong, even when it’s tucked into a smelly old sPONGe. 😂😂 Good morning ☀️

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  2. Another beautiful one, Misky. Your prose is poetically rich and concise with imagery which sits so satisfyingly in my head, like a good cup of tea. And your Haiku is a small lozenge, tying it up with sweetness and a long after taste. Really lovely.


    1. Aah. I’m delighted. Thank you so much, W.

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    1. LOL! Thanks, Ron.


  3. You paint such a vivid image with this haibun. I can hear the mother’s yell, feel the cool spot where the child goes to escape the heat. See the overcooked eggs. This post is a very enjoyable read.

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