Published by Visual Verse Anthology

I’m very pleased to be included in Visual Verse’s August Anthology with my poem. There’s an interesting variety of pieces based on an image prompt. I hope you find time to read them.

The Dark Side of Gingerbread

It’s like the creak of a door when
she opened a book. Its spine
cracking under the weight of her
hand, and she wets her finger,

red haemorrhaging from the page.
Twisted words torqued into detail.

Off with their heads, my mother read.

Grimm tales of the faceless, named,
and epic morals. Mum reads, and
each word is a snap of a camera.

Fairytale nightmares. Too dark
for sweet dreams. Witches and
gingerbread houses. Children
in ovens. Red hooded cloaks, and
crocodiles that tick like a clock.
Pipers and rats. A talking mirror.

Mum saying, Sweet dreams as her
last story eases into my dreams,
into that realm of demon sleep.

And then she’d switch off the light.

And so here I am. My bedtime read.
The Joy of Cooking, the 2nd edition.
How to Make a Gingerbread House.

Submitted for August’s Visual Verse Anthology inspired by an image by Veronica Lissandrini. Shared with #ApoemADay Visual Verse on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

10 responses to “Published by Visual Verse Anthology”

  1. Love this. Children’s fairy tales are devilishly creepy and scary sometimes. 👀

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    1. My mother liked to give each character its own voice. She was scarily good at it!

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      1. I can imagine! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on being published in Visual Verse! Good story. Fairy tales = indoctrinization by terror lol


    1. Thanks, Lisa. ❤️

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  3. Congrats, Misk! “Sweet dreams / demon sleep” indeed. Fine work, & it’s in some laudable company, too (always a plus)! I’ve never tried a sub at VV, but might give it a go next time around.

    I thought you might enjoy this (a related tale):

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    1. Brilliant Halloween poem that one! And by all means send a sub to VV, and sign up for their emails so you’re reminded what the monthly image is.


  4. Congratulations BTW!

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