A Prompt That Started with a Squiggle on Paper

The Dog Behind the Chain Link Fence

is poked with a broomstick
and teased by maddening
shoes that escape its bite.
people, both large and small
passing as hours go or don’t go.
it’s sat on a wet patch of ground,
chained to a fence, and pacing
like a tilting stroke. the dog
behind the chain link fence is
growling at the earth along
with everything else on earth.

Process notes: Mark out a sheet of paper into quarters. Make a doodle or squiggle in each square. Think monstrous, and then play with your doodle until it starts to look like something other than a squiggle. Associate words, speech, give it a settling, activity, mood. Now pull it all together and write. I used my iPad and pencil for this exercise because using paper seems too permanent for my shifty-all-over-the-place brain. ©Misky 2021

5 responses to “A Prompt That Started with a Squiggle on Paper”

  1. Saw some dogs treated like this in Portugal. It was pretty upsetting to be honest. Not let Dauphy read this.🙂


    1. It’s very upsetting. I don’t understand the mentality of people like that. They’re monstrous. Thereby explaining how I went about tackling this writing exercise.

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  2. How creative, loved the doodling and the poem.

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    1. Thank you very much!

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      1. Very welcome 🙂

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