Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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This Week (a haibun)

Monday. I change the tablecloth on Mondays. It’s the African one this week. I watched a woman weaving it. On wooden looms. Meadow green threads. Beetroot reds. Crow black. Crisscrossed fabric. Monday used to be laundry day. Not anymore. Retirement. Lockdown. The hamper takes forever to fill nowadays. There’s just the two of us.  I can do the laundry any day. Even on Tuesday. But not this Tuesday. I’ve a haircut. I schedule life so I’m not rushing about like first winter’s gale. No rush. Wednesday I opened the kitchen windows, and flies rushed in. Bluebottle. I hate the suckers. You don’t know whose pee they’ve licked, which sheep’s bottom drew their attention.  I’m not sure what happened to Thursday. Came and went. Unnoticed. Like an old overcoat hanging on a peg behind the door. But I always recognise Friday as being Friday because it’s rubbish collection day. It’s god’s curse if you forget it’s Friday. Or worse yet, you think Saturday is Friday and you put the bins out a day late. It’s a feeling like catching the wrong bus home. Nothing worse than a week that travels east in order to reach west. It’s like a poem that mimics cigarette ends.

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days & weeks link into sentences
a weed gone to seed

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10 responses to “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

  1. Nice ramble around your world.💜

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  2. So relatable!! I’m basically just at home every day at the moment. Days ooze and intertwine. Time is so elastic. I love this haibun – the prose and the haiku. I especially like the way the days are treated the kind of ebb from concrete to “ach who cares”. It’s delightfully woven – like that gorgeous African tablecloth at the beginning.


    1. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much.

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  3. Such an enjoyable read.

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  4. Your prose and haiku were engaging. Enjoyed reading you SoC.

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  5. Misky, your dry sense of humor seems to consistently make me chuckle. I love it 🙂



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