dVerse Gardening

If There’s One, There’s Ten

Every year this airless clay
is turned, tilled and seeded.
A childbirth of preparation
out of winter’s wilderness.

Out of January’s bankruptcy.

And then May. A shift to blue.
The God of Azure has arrived.
Lupins. Stocks, and hollyhocks.
The air is sweet scented clove.

My mother wore that scent.

The thistle grows, daggers of
foxglove with crooked fingers.
And without a hint of breeze,
the cosmos sway in a rivered
motion, the ferns flinch, and

on the path a rat appears.

Sable brown. A long rod tail.
We freeze, it and me, our
stare locked. It turns and
disappears into the leaf.

I didn’t know Sussex had

rat catchers, He says where
there’s one, you’ll find ten,
but he only caught three.

written for dVerse Poet’s prompt “Gardening“. The photos are my own, taken today in the garden. . Shared with @dversepoets and @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

34 responses to “dVerse Gardening”

  1. Ha. Well if there are two you know it will only be so long before there is a warren of them. He rather interrupted your musing. I like the little personal touches, the memory of moms smell. Several really strong lines…te first that really caught me was…

    A childbirth of preparation
    out of winter’s wilderness.

    Out of January’s bankruptcy

    I like how you double down on the descriptor of the barren time of waiting before the bloom.

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  2. Oy – the rats made me shiver… My mother wore that scent…. I love that part especially – scents can take us back to the past like nothing else can I think. Beautifully woven

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  3. Oh, I love this. It’s very beautifully expressed and the imagery, it’s almost like you can touch what you paint in your words. The rat sounds horrifying, but I’m glad it retreated off elsewhere. I hate them too, they just freak me out. Glad I have cats in this case, I guess lol.


    • Not yet, but we keep the back door open during the summer, if it’s not raining, and I don’t want rats coming into the house. They love eating insulation on electrical wiring, which at extreme can burn your house down… not to mention that rat urine is very pungent.

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  4. Ha! a startling encounter. I remember being on my hands and knees, weeding, when I came nose to nose with a fat green and yellow THING with little antenna that looked like an alien. Scared me to death!

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  5. We got no rats here. But I so enjoyed the transformation of your garden from winter to spring and summer. Delicate colors in blooming garden.


  6. I love how you’ve evoked the sights and sounds of the changing seasons, then changed the mood with the appearance of a marauding rat. Shudder! Some of them are so big even a cat wouldn’t take them on.

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  7. I’ve seen a rat in my garden, and I know that feeling exactly. It’s like, you can’t believe what you are seeing for a minute. I love this journey into your garden Mish- it’s lovely. I have to say since we got Jackson, our Jack Russell Terrier mix, I’ve not sighted any critters!

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  8. Scent is almost always associated with memory isn’t it? I love how you refer to your mother here .. so evocative in its beauty and detail 💝💝

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