For Twiglet #235 Folding Paper

Somethings Just Stick, And They’re Not Even Sticky

I don’t remember much of 1st grade,
except my teacher’s name: Mrs. dePugh.

She smelled like chicken soup.

I’d giggle when Dad called her Mrs Stinky.
That’s why I remember her name, that

and the chicken soup smell, and

every Monday we took off our socks
and shoes, and she’d inspect our toes.

Yeah, really.

I don’t know why. I had a ruler smacked
across my hand for refusing one time.

Just that once.

One day after lunch I sat in the wrong
classroom. Across the hall. Left vs right.

The school rang Mum. Said I was lost.

And every Wednesday we folded squares
of construction paper into little baskets.

Mrs dePugh filled them up with popcorn.

Written for Twiglet #235 “Folded Paper”. #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021 Photos from WikiCommons cc:00 no restrictions

15 responses to “For Twiglet #235 Folding Paper”

  1. Love the opening line, it pulled me right in!

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  2. There really are some cruel and horrible teachers out there, or there certainly were!

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    1. Hopefully, times have changed.

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  3. Did she have a foot fetish? That was really weird.

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    1. I have no clue, Debi, but I remember it clearly. Maybe fungal infections…

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      1. Yuck. So strange. But, I laughed at your sitting in the wrong room.

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  4. This made me giggle and brought back a few childhood memories😊


    1. Those were the days!

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  5. Wow, the 1st grade picture looks like it had many of the same kids as my first grade class.


    1. We’re all looked the same back then. 😂


  6. I did learn how to make a bottom box… but not the top for it. And only with looking yet again can I make a crane.
    Some names stick with us. While I don’t remember my 1st grade teacher’s name – she was old and as white as the chalk that she scratched the blackboard with. At least you got popcorn – that was nice of her.


    1. I don’t recall how to do any origami. I’m sure there’s tons of videos on YouTube though.

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      1. I’ve got some instruction booklets. But it is still confusing.

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