dVerse Quadrille #131

Photo by Tom Grove on Unsplash

A Lean In Close

In-between those growing-up
years, those kisses deep
as a double bass,

Bobby Darin pours from
the jukebox. He’s a

dark language I don’t understand.

Sounds malicious. Thirsty
words soft as a cotton

It’s an over-salted melody,
and Mac the Knife plays on.

Written to prompt at dVerse Poets Quadrille #131: 44 words (sans title) including the word ‘juke’, Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021 Photo by Tom Grove on Unsplash

54 responses to “dVerse Quadrille #131”

  1. Ah, ” Mack the Knife”! I’d forgotten how much I loved that song. This challenge has been great fun.


  2. I just went out to a lyrics site to see what the song actually says and it is chilling! Bobby Darin always gave me a creep vibe and now solid corroborating evidence to go with the vibe! Well-written poem, Misky.


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