A Gogyohka: In Dreams

Big Eddy Mist by Greg B (cc:00) on Flickr Common

A Gogyohka: In Dreams

My father, who passed
many years ago,
suddenly appeared
in my dream
last night.

Pale hair.
Certainly more of it
than I remember
ever having.

His back to me.
He was fishing.
A mirror-still river,
swollen to near

But it was
only as deep as
my father’s ankles.
His legs like pillars
splitting the water.

Perhaps things aren’t
as deep as we think.
and I wonder:
Do I appear in
other people’s dreams?

Poetic form: a Gogyohka.  Image is from Flickr Maine River Guide: Big Eddy Mist by Greg B (cc:00). Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

9 responses to “A Gogyohka: In Dreams”

  1. You might do. Do you look like Princess Leia 🤣

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  2. This is very touching, Misky! ❤


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    1. Thank you. He’s been gone many years, but hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

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      1. I can empathize. He must have been a wonderful father ❤

        May I ask how old you were when he died?



        1. Early 50s. I was living in Hong Kong at the time, and I wasn’t with him at the end (no one rang and told me he was dying). It’s a long story with loose ends.

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  3. Very sad Misky.😒

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  4. Misky,

    beautifully poemed
    those loose ends are there
    so significant
    yet wondered on
    in the vision you share

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