A Berserk Limerick

A Berserk Limerick

There once was a young fella from Cambridge
His height was embellished with foam wedges.
On water he walked
Floating rock to rock
Until shrinkage sunk his stride from seepage

For Fandango’s  #FOWC This was supposed to include the word berserk, but I couldn’t muscle it in, so it is what it is.  Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

7 responses to “A Berserk Limerick”

  1. The Cambridge guy, walking on water
    met up with a riverside otter
    who, blowing off steam,
    went swimming upstream
    to build a new home where he oughtta.

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  2. A berserk poetess, name of Misky
    Spent all afternoon on the whisky,
    A little bit piddled
    She drank as she scribbled,
    The poem she composed, was way risky!


      1. I don’t know why it copied in prose, when I wrote in verse! Me and I.T! 😂

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        1. Funny enough, I read it with line breaks. 🙃

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