For Twiglet #228 and Visual Verse Anthology

A Deranged Silence


What siren’s mad song
drew this sailor’s eye
      from the horizon
      into the cold depths of water.

The Stubble and Sweat

Some days are blessed,
and some days are chaos.
Some days you’re rubbed up
the wrong way by stubble and sweat.
Some days are tattooed on you,
you’ll pay the piper in your afterlife.
Mum had a rule: no talking with a full mouth.
I always thought she was the piper.
No one dared speak during dinner.
Mealtime was a deranged silence.

Written for I. Visual Verse on Instagram and II. Twiglet #228 “deranged silence”  and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

3 responses to “For Twiglet #228 and Visual Verse Anthology”

  1. you just described heaven 🤣 (but maybe not for kids)

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    1. I swore not to do the same, and I’m so glad for the amusing conversations over dinner. My only rule was that we all sat down together for meals.

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  2. Cheers to deranged silence; I’ve never experienced enough to go mad, but I’m willing to be the one to experiment on how long that would take. Love the tattoo days, great poem.

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