Miz Quickly’s Prose Sonnet About Rain (draft)

An Untitled Prose Sonnet           (for those using visual assistant/speech software)

Rain divided the day in half. I usually write in the morning but I spent it
idle, wandering wordless. You mowed the rug-thick grass, that robin
following behind you, and you laughed at its flitty chirp, as it pulled
over-fat worms from the earth.

Lunch was sourdough and smooth pate, and as I washed up the dishes,
rain began to fall. Drops like weighted beads on fringe, leaves trembling
in shadows deep as twilight.  I stood by the window, and watched clouds
slide together, recoupling like two lost lovers.

I was reading the newspaper, the sound of rain steady and soft. A steaming
cup of tea waiting for me on the table. And somewhere between paragraphs
and troubles, I nodded off. Woke to lightning strikes the colour of sulphur.
The clock in the hallway struck 2 bells.

I swept the sleep from my thoughts,
and wrote in the afternoon for a change.

For @Miz_Quickly on Twitter/ Miz Quickly on WordPress. A prose sonnet. Rain. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

9 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Prose Sonnet About Rain (draft)”

  1. I have no idea what a prose sonnet is, I’ll have to look that us. However, I enjoyed those words.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it.

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  2. I enjoyed this. Good to change up our routines. I ended up looking up other sonnet definitions. I didn’t follow meter, but I did the end rhymes because it worked that way.


    1. Thanks, Jules. I opted for easy: slant and internal rhyme. (grin) I’m rubbish at end rhyme – it always feel forced.

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      1. I feel that way about verse where you have to use the same lines in different places. I don’t like forcing ideas to fit themes. But sometimes, just sometimes end rhymes work 😉


  3. “And somewhere between paragraphs
    and troubles, I nodded off.”
    I can relate to this, ha. I enjoyed your prose description of your day and the way it was divided.


    1. Ha! You, too? I even fall asleep after eating a meal. Never used to.


      1. We work harder than we use too. Yeah, that’s what it is.

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        1. 😂 I’ll buy that.


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