A Limerick

Behind Glass

there once was a rock from Vesuvius
whose life was extremely luxurious
cradled on silk
nefarious by ilk
to onlookers it was completely oblivious

for Fandango’s #FOWC “nefarious”  and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

8 responses to “A Limerick”

  1. Haha! no wonder the trolleys in the supermarket are terrible they’re 1900 years old!

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  2. The image is by Banksy. Saw it (again) just this afternoon. I follow his Instagram account. What people had to do then to eat. What we have to do now. I wonder if the present is less brutal? Keeping in mind what one has to do to earn to go to the supermarket! 😂

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    1. To my thinking, things are pretty brutal nowadays.


  3. Good Limericks are surely an item
    (and Misky can certainly write ’em);
    she makes readers laugh
    with nary a gaff…
    Yep; Misky will surely delight ’em!

    But sometimes her story’s half-baked,
    leaves readers with heads that they’ve shaked;
    Sweet Misky tried
    but we know that she’s lied
    ‘cuz her shopping-cart lava’s been faked!

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  4. Your vicarious nefarious was verging on hilarious!

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