dVerse Does Blue

A Quick Study of Blue

my interior monologue
stirs the blues.
that goblin in the undergrowth.
that unwelcomed

the acer in the garden
is born to yellow leaf,
against blue summer skies
it turns green.

blue sky.
blue pots.
bluebells’ heads hung.
a yellow yolk in a clear
blue sky.

for dVerse Poets. The colour blue. Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021 Note: The third one is a bit rubbish.

20 responses to “dVerse Does Blue”

  1. The goblin in the beginning and the blue egg in the end. It’s so creative your investigation of blue. I like the overlapping colors in the center, too. Enjoyed, as usual.

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    1. Thank you so very much.

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  2. Beverly Crawford avatar
    Beverly Crawford

    There’s one in every crowd!

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  3. Beautiful imagery Misky.


    1. Thanks so much, Rob.


  4. Wow, Misky. I profoundly enjoyed this – especially the goblin stanza!



    1. Thank you so much, David. Funny that we both had goblins mentioned in pieces today.

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  5. Sorry I’m a bit late reading and commenting, Marilyn, I wouldn’t have missed your Quick Study of Blue for anything. The ‘goblin in the undergrowth; is like my sleeping gnome under the willow tree – I can just about spot him from here. I love the colours in the second stanza, and my favourite image is in the the third one:
    ‘bluebells’ heads hung.
    a yellow yolk in a clear
    blue sky’.


    1. Thank you, Kim. I have a sun bleached gnome between the hellebores. Even all porcelain white and featureless, he makes me smile. But if he’s under a willow trees, will that’s a whole different story. 🥰

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  6. ‘that goblin in the undergrowth.
    that unwelcomed

    I know him well! I keep telling him he’s not welcome, but he keeps trying to visit anyway…

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    1. Lock the door, and throw away the key! 🙂

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  7. I absolutely love this gorgeous abstracted study of blue in three parts. It made so much sense to me somehow, I can’t explain it. The goblin, the pots, the bluebells heads hanging. And I adore the accompanying painting. Who is it by? ❤


    1. That you so much. I’m glad you liked it.

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  8. The goblin in the undergrowth made me think of Christina Rosetti… your studies in blue are like water color paintings.


    1. Thank you! That’s very kind.


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