12 May 2021: Fandango’s #FOWC

Doin’ da Limerick

There was a man from Adelaide
who asked the barman for a lemonade.
When handed a Guinness,
a barmaid who was a witness,
said the man flew into a tirade.

Written for #FOWC. I’ve always been intimidated by limericks. I still am. This is for Fandango’s One Word Challenge “tirade” and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay and #FOWC on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

14 responses to “12 May 2021: Fandango’s #FOWC”

    1. Please stay safe, David.

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      1. It’s not very challenging where we are, Misky, but thank you for thinking of us. As I told my mother in the USA, life in our area of Jerusalem seems totally normal outside ❤


        1. I used to tell my parents in the USA (many years ago) that the IRA wasn’t interested in blowing up some sheep on the Sussex Downs. And then they blew up the police station in town.

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          1. but I assume they left the sheep alone? 😉


  1. You said you couldn’t do limericks!

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    1. I think they’re supposed to edge toward naughty, aren’t they? And who throws a hissy over a pint of Guinness? Piffle.

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      1. As long as they make you chuckle, does it matter?


        1. Sorry. I was in a foul mood this morning. I had a headache that was beating me to death. Happily, I managed to hack off the childproof cap on the Panadol bottle.

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          1. No need for apologies at all, and those child proof tops are a sod aren’t they!

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  2. A truly inspiring (and hilarious) limerick. Well done.

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      1. You’re very welcome.


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