Fandango’s One Word Challenge: “Fish”

by P Bruegel, Big Fish et Little Fish 1556 Musée Wien Albertina

The Word Is Fish

I grabbed my jacket – stood there in
an irritable wind and silver-tip waves,
there in that howling hour of low tide
and slow seeping mist.

The wooden doors rattled
on the boathouse, a half-falling down
thing painted the colour of yellow paper,
and its damp timbers – a smothering

scent reminiscent of a slight headache.
And there below the dock was a fish
with an ugly grin and inky eyes, a fish
as large as a Tolstoy novel is daunting.

At least that’s how I’ll tell the story
about that fish I let get away.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: “Fish” and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay #FOWC on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

6 responses to “Fandango’s One Word Challenge: “Fish””

  1. A beautifully described poem with a legendary story quality. Well done.

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  2. Legendary for sure. The images!


    1. I love Brueghel.


      1. I meant your poem. Smiles.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, you had me hooked anyway.

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