Twiglet #225

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Off the Wall with a White China Mug

Last spring, sitting on the patio,
sun bouncing off the brick wall.
Milky coffee in a white china mug.

There was smoke in the wind.
Bonfire, you said, but it was
            the pub burning down.

for Twiglet #225 “white china”  Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash Shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

7 responses to “Twiglet #225”

  1. Oh no! Chuck that coffee on the fire!

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    1. The old pub burnt to the ground, but they rebuilt while we were all locked away behind our doors.

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      1. There is always a positive!


  2. oooh…. glad they rebuilt the pub! We don’t really have pubs. But we do have some independent bear brewers in our area. More like restaurants with choice of homebrew.


    1. I wonder if you’re mixing up pubs and US-type taverns. Pubs here serve food, some are Michelin starred, and they support local brewers along with known brands. By tradition, they’ll also have one or two rooms upstairs for overnight guests as the old ones were carriage stops for watering or changing horses.

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      1. No (just) ‘bars’ or ‘watering holes’ here are Inns with overnights. Though some Hotels have bars in them. Now an older Tavern might be more like a Pub. I’m sure anything overseas is quite older than anything that is old in the States. 😀

        Not good when anything gets burnt to a crisp. Glad they could rebuild.


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