Choice Is A Messenger

Choice is a Messenger

Some mornings you 
wake a changed person.

Might be 
     a flash of 
     morning light,

a mild 
     morning in 

     in a flowerpot, 

     and you think,
Aren't you the lucky one

     as if 
     is a lucky draw 
plucked out 
     of snatched.

This is a trial on the Verse Block. I wish the block’s background was white! I don’t think this works at all for me.

3 responses to “Choice Is A Messenger”

  1. I hate it! (The verse block not the poem) also for poems with long lines you can’t read it properly on a mobile phone…not really sure what WP were thinking with this one!

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    1. I’ve posted a question about the block in the Support forum, and I’ll see what they say.

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