Featured on Visual Verse

I am honoured to be one of three featured writers/poets to lead off Visual Verse’s April issue.

To paraphrase their guidelines, Visual Verse offers the chance of writing without overthinking. Words  inspired by art. Write 50-500 words within an hour. It’s worth reading the guidelines before submitting your work for the Visual Verse team to consider.

I invite you to join the fun at Visual Verse for a unique opportunity to be published in their anthology.

5 responses to “Featured on Visual Verse”

  1. This was lovely Misky. Those lines:
    ‘I wanted to be Tutankhamen,
    even though I was a girl.’ Really made me smile! And why shouldn’t you?


    1. Thanks for reading it, Ingrid. ❤️


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  2. What a beautiful remembering and write to that image.

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    1. Thank you. Truly.

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      1. You are very welcome.


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