for Sunday Whirl #496

Snail Woman Flower Star, 1934 by Joan Miró 

The Suppression of Green

She’s wading too deep in gluey,
sucking cold. In a biting winter
streams leached clear by dirt, or
disguised as spring water racing
under the green of cress leaves.

Green is hope, she believes, and

on this bright bleached day, she
sees shadows blanket truth, good
and evil, and souls snagged on
fish-hooked lines, waiting, baited 
for heaven’s shame, and she asks,

What is this glue that holds de-
voted flaws in our humanity…

for Sunday Whirl #496. This week’s 12 words are inhuman, hope, vote, wait, evil, shame, spring, soul, race, suppress, water, line. Image extract is Snail Woman Flower Star, 1934 by Joan Miró, Poem © Misky 2021

3 responses to “for Sunday Whirl #496”

  1. You nailed it! I loved the souls snagged on fish-hooked lines.

    Liked by 1 person

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