dVerse’s Being Human

Image is a bit of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

Being Human

This being human is
a glance over your shoulder
to see if the past
is catching up with you.

Other days, it’s a drudgery
that lingers on your hands
as a stain or an odour.

It’s a search for words
in the pit of your stomach
that feel odd in your mouth
when spoken.

Sometimes, it’s when rain
smells like mould instead
of clean, or fabric softener.

Being human is trying
to overlook all that.

written for dVerse “Art of Being Human” and shared with @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   © Misky 2021

11 responses to “dVerse’s Being Human”

  1. I feel this too much. All this is truly part of the being human thing.

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    1. I’m beginning to feel my wits end, I fear.

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  2. You’ve summed it up just right here Misky!

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    1. Took me awhile to cobble something together that wasn’t all grinning and cheerful.

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      1. My problem is usually the other way round!


  3. ‘When rain smells like mould instead of clean or fabric softener’, says it all really. Well written (again).


    1. Thanks very much!

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  4. That constantly glancing over the shoulder is familiar, Marilyn, as is everything in your down-to-earth, honest poem. The smell of rain is spot on – pardon the pun!


    1. Thanks, Kim. I’m really glad that you read it, and left a comment for me.

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  5. Being home is reading this poem and relating to it strongly, Misky.



    1. Thanks so much, David.❤️

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