dVerse Edges

Photo by Ari Spada on Unsplash

Various Degrees of Blur

My pencil whorls.

Gone are the edges.
The sharpness erased.

Roof  tiles
hide under moss. Stones

hide the curve of hills.

Grass  flattens
under the weight of tyres.

A shadow denies its edge.

And my fingers
push back the second hand,

as the hours spin.

for dVerse Poets “Edges and Fringe” #1 & 2 © Misky 2021 and photo by Ari Spada on Unsplash.

25 responses to “dVerse Edges”

  1. Misky I like how you conjured the flashing images that feel like they are mirroring the spinning hours of the clock. I like the idea that all sharp edges are softened over time. Beautiful poem.

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