for Miz Quickly’s 27.02.21

Bad Boy Billy Idol

Bad Boy, RUOK

Bad boy
Billy Idol
You rising up weed-like, walking
On your own burnt mile.

You, snarling snake in the voids.
On a hard rock dirge.
Bad boy Billy’s going to crash and break.
Bad boy Billy’s not OK.

for Miz Quickly’s Day 27 “RUOK” prompt © Misky 2021

And while I have your attention, I ask you, is there anything more worrying than a granny bouncing in her Stressless chair to the beat of punk rock.

5 responses to “for Miz Quickly’s 27.02.21”

  1. Excellent poem. Excellent artist!


  2. You have to enjoy what you do without others judging. I’m not familiar with ‘Billy’ – But I can handle a boa constrictor without flinching. 😉


    1. You couldn’t get me within a long-sighted distance of a snake. 😲

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can deal with most music… too loud too much drums not so much. Snakes are more honest than some dressed up musicians.


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