Mining with Miz Quickly

A Stinker

Looking back,
I remember his zigzag complexion
as being well traveled,

the folds of his neck
smelled like Comté cheese,
or old potted mushrooms, and

he lingered in the air long after
he’d left. A hairpin of a man,

white-gloved, cornichon fingers,
and a potato-honeyed nose that
poured in the cold clear breeze.

The man was such a stinker.

A poem mined and “found” in the Introduction of  Rick Stein’s Secret France Cookbook. Based on a prompt at Miz Quickly’s Shared on Twitter #APoemADay    © Misky 2021

5 responses to “Mining with Miz Quickly”

  1. white gloved cornichon fingers!😂😂

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  2. He does sound rather stinky!

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  3. ha! (neat header, too)

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  4. Lovely, I’m a foodie, so I can really appreciate your imagery. I love the cleverness of your poetry.

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