Miz Quickly’s Photo Prompt

Immediate Backup

Out there in the backyard there’s
a whole other life under foot,
besides winter weather that is,

there’s snow-clogged ground
with sprigs of green rising up
from mud-soaked sleep, and

early spring sunshine licking
a sheen off stones, but there’s
also a plump duck sinking into

snow who’s ringing the station,
“Officer down,” he calls, and
asks for immediate backup.

for Miz Quickly’s Photo Prompt   © Misky 2021

2 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Photo Prompt”

  1. Officer ‘Ider’ down? Cute interpretation. I know a gal who collects those toy duckies in all kinds of costumes.

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    1. LOL! Very good. Ider down.

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