Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge #15

Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge #15

The Commonality of Layers

The rain that binds was medicine,
acid burnt and limping beige.
Memories pressed between.

Cut and cropped like lacy
wings prised off butterflies.
A cult of layers for a girl

who caught a butterfly
in her hands. Held it tight, right
near her ear.

But when she couldn’t
hear it breathe,
she assumed it dead,

‘though its wings still beat
hard within her heart.

Written for Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge #15, Image by Nick Reeves “An Uncommon Vision” shared with dVerse Poets and @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   © Misky 2021

30 responses to “Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge #15”

  1. This is a beautiful response to the image! The collage — commonality of layers —
    To me it looks like it could be an etching in part…those colors….a singeing….and limping beige.
    I am enthralled by the expression on the girl’s face here and to me, reading your poem twice, it can very well be the look of wonder, awe, intense listening while holding the butterfly up to her ear?
    “Cut and cropped like lacy
    wings prised off butterflies.” yes — this is also what the image “feels”.

    Just a beautiful job relating to the image.


  2. My goodness this is absolutely phenomenal, Misky! 💝 The poem with its arresting imagery can be interpreted in more ways than one. I particularly love; “Cut and cropped like lacy wings prised off butterflies. A cult of layers for a girl,” to me there are dark undertones to this which speak of pain and (perhaps repressed memories) that being said, I guess that is the beauty of poetry isn’t it? We unlock so much in so few words 🙂


  3. This is great Misky – the image has released a lot in you I think and helped produce a powerful and confidently shaped write. Great stuff! in fact quite inspiring – it’s an excercise I might well try myself now – thank you…


  4. A wonderful. delicate ekphrastic poem, Marilyn, and the title fits it perfectly. I love the hint of colour in ‘acid burnt and limping beige’, and those ‘lacy wings prised off butterflies’. The ending is poignant.

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