dVerse “Personification”

dVerse “Personification”
from unSplash

You Will Know It Is Winter

When you step outside
into blind white,
and cold comes at you,

not as a chill, 
but as a wall of blinded colour,

and frost squeals
under the bite of your boots,

and every step fractures
the sound of snow falling,

you will know it is winter.

for dVerse “Personification” © Misky 2021. Header image is extract from Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

21 responses to “dVerse “Personification””

  1. Wonderful evocation – how cold ‘comes at you’ – and things are brittle and fractured. A fine addition to your Bruegel opus. Amazed at the detail in the image – the highlight on the hunter’s heel, the hair on the dog’s brow is perfect and it must have been made in a single brush stroke.

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  2. I know this cold chill that bites. And I very much like your imagery of wall of blinded colour! For me its all white from the sky to the ground now. Have a good weekend.

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  3. This is incredibly potent! The idea of the cold as “a wall of blinded colour,” is oh so palpable! We are experiencing 8 degrees celsius. 💝💝

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