5 January 2021: A Haibun for dVerse

The Acropolis Physic Gardens

There are no gardens in the ancient Agora of Athens, just weeds striding proud through the stoney ruins. We sit amongst ancient silence with a wide glance of the world. Here, with its endings, where history began.

our voices travel
eyes half open to winter’s
icy fingers

for dVerse Haibun “Beginnings” and  @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter. Image is public domain: by Pankaj Shah on Unsplash   © Misky 2020

20 responses to “5 January 2021: A Haibun for dVerse”

  1. This is stunning! Having been to Greece a number of times, both with my job as director of a global MBA and for pleasure as tourists….I understand that awesome feeling of standing amongst the ruins of history and thinking at the same time that this was the beginnings. The haiku with it is also stunning.


  2. I’ve never been to Athens more’s the pity, but the photo reminds me of the Asklepion at Kos. It’s certainly a place to gain a broad perspective on the world, as your haibun offers.

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