2 Jan 2021: Two Women in Conversation

Two Women in Conversation

We were deep in our work, and all
the functions that entails, and the
cleaning women were dusting and
polishing desks, their elbows intent
on wiping away lustre and any colour,

and I overheard one of them say,
        What were those brown bits
        in the salad.

Another woman answered,
        I only go to the prayer meetings
        for the coffee.

And as quickly as the women had
appeared with pink micro-cloths
and deep-surface sprays, they
disappeared into the next office
and into their next conversation.

for @Experimentsinfc #APoemADay on Twitter   © Misky 2020 Image is from “Old Fruit Pictures” on Twitter and Wikipedia.

5 responses to “2 Jan 2021: Two Women in Conversation”

  1. Sounds like their conversation might have been more interesting than most things in the office!

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    1. There’s something about eavesdropping that makes any conversation more interesting!

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  2. I agree, eavesdropping can be fascinating…unless of course, someone’s degrading the listener 🙂

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    1. Maybe that would lead to self-discovery? I do agree though, as gossip is quite different from eavesdropping.


      1. And maybe they were actually saying nice things 🙂

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