for Sunday Whirl #487

from unsplash, public domain

I Saw No Christmas Star Last Night

because city light breathes
        and sighs
        a gloomy gasp,
        like dogs barking at
        quicksilver across the sky, and

the moon grows fat, a hanging light
        that shines the sky
        and dims the stars,

and I follow, falling into those open folds,
        holding morning in a pasted sky

show the way, starlight divine,
        align your shining amber
        bright honey across my eyes 

for Sunday Whirl #487   © Misky 2020,
image from unSplash, public domain.

This week’s words are: light breathe
follow gasp bark shine morning paste
show open sigh divine

One response to “for Sunday Whirl #487”

  1. Wowza, this is Exquisite, Misky–BRAVO.


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