for Poets United

The Look

          I remember
it was the season of acorns
and blow-sideways long-winded clouds
and tidal nights,
and the weather was a serpent
that God had created
for poets to muse over,

like they do about a proper English  summer, or a cast iron cooking pot preferred by cannibals in New Guinea,

          and I remember
it was that sort of day when Mum died,
and now when the wind howls
and the moon toys with the tide,
I think of her, threatening
to knock me into last year if I didn’t
remove that look from my face.

inspired by Poets United, Writers’ Pantry 50 “A feeling down in your bones”   © Misky 2020. Image from unSplash cc:00

17 responses to “for Poets United”

  1. Lovely. I like your “long-winded clouds,” It’s so true certain types of says are forever associated with moments in our lives. The weather the night my husband died, for example, is scarred into my brain.

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  2. Peculiar–and so very powerful–the things that stay with us, that come into mind when we remember people who were important to us.

    I really like the structure of this poem. The progression is also wonderful–when I finished reading, I actually exhaled.


  3. Oh what a beautiful touching poem and I had to laugh at “her, threatening
    to knock me into last year if I didn’t
    remove that look from my face” She had a sense of humour 🙂


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