for dverse “Synesthesia #2”

On a Lightning Edge with Bob Dylan

Somewhere between the sun’s
burnt-orb fall and evening’s
blackened toll, we saw freedom
slip inside midnight’s door.

Thunder flashed,
purple streaks,
shook our windows,
and rattled walls.

Lightning fingers, violet pearls.
We saw night’s dark eyes
wild a wolf as ever did fight.

Our tongues were broken
when freedom flashed.
This purple light,
how does it feel.

How does it feel to be
purple and on your own.

for dverse “Synesthesia #2”  inspired by & phrases found in CHIMES OF FREEDOM and other song lyrics by Bob Dylan © Misky 2020

13 responses to “for dverse “Synesthesia #2””

  1. I love that you’ve woven Bob Dylan here – one of my favourites. I imagine being purple and alone, I would feel pretty blue.

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  2. I loved the way you wovd Bob into this piece Misky, well written and a joy to read.

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  3. Majestic! I love the color purple and the music of Bob. Thanks for joining in.


  4. To feel the freedom slipping in at midnight sounds like perfect purple to me.

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  5. Very nice! I like the colors of the storm!

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  6. Wonderful! Loved these words
    “Lightning fingers, violet pearls.
    We saw night’s dark eyes”
    and the final question at the end is fabulous! A dare almost….inclusivity that takes the reader in, even at the end.


    1. Thanks, Lillian.


  7. This is exquisitely drawn, Misky! 💝💝 I love the closing question 🙂

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  8. Dancing a kaleidoscopic miasma with Dylan. Your word combos are stunning, Misky.

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      1. You’re welcome.


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