24 November 2020

Haibun: Blown Home

I remember the wind as grape-skin smooth as it flowed through the window. It lifted the voile panels — inhaling and exhaling time. The grandfather clock, I turned its key daily, and its oaked-box voice ticking solid and deep, geared-teeth grinding away at our eternity. That wind always came out of the west, brought shadow-blown clouds, mirror-polished against torn bits of blued sky. It was a wind so soft that red dust on the dirt road was undisturbed by it. Calm, still, and settled, except when its breath left dangling hushed words spinning in your ear. This place was home. All too late, I realised the wonders of it, and I was near green with envy for the child who grew up here. Here where yellow oxeye daisies grew in the orchard. Here in the waters of my childhood.

sunlight’s a child’s colour
the uncertain secret of flowers
yellow as salty butter

dVerse Haibun Monday, Miz Quickly’s Day 24, 
PA Day 24 Love/Anti-Love Poem © Misky 2020

11 responses to “24 November 2020”

  1. Exquisite haiku and I love the descriptions in your prose, too, the wind ‘inhaling and exhaling time’ – beautiful!

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    1. Thanks so much!

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  2. Beautifully descriptive …. art that ushers your haibun … stunning.


  3. The wind you describe is so refreshing, Misky; I love your description of how it ‘lifted the voile panels — inhaling and exhaling time’ and the way that your prose moves to the grandfather clock and ‘its oaked-box voice ticking solid and deep’ (we don’t have clocks that make noises, but I remember my grandmother’s mantel clock that ticked and chimed in the background) and then back to the wind – just like the voile panels. The haiku is gorgeous!


    1. Aaah. Thanks so much, Kim. We have two proper clocks. One you wind with a key, and the other is a grandfather clock with a pendulum movement. Both are loud tickers and dingers.

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      1. My husband won’t have them in the house – he’s a light sleeper.


        1. We switch the chimes off before going to bed. A flick of a lever, and all is well.

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  4. This reminds me of my grandparent’s place. I do remember that grandfather’s clock and the sound it makes when I had to go up in the night.


  5. Misky, I’m green with envy at your lovely images


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