dVerse Jisei Poems

Four Japanese Jisei Poems

my wishful look
you have buried, lock and key
in this folly home
of neglect and blame,
fortune, you are thrown

winter finds its return,
spurn this gold and gilt,
into damp cobwebs spun

leaves, prey of the worm,
nature neither
rich nor poor,
but proud
is the creature living

her red veil hair
and green eye squint
a devotion of
distintested warmth
her life an epitaph

for dVerse Jisei: a Senryū and 3 Gogyohka poems.  © Misky 2020

7 responses to “dVerse Jisei Poems”

  1. A wonderful quartet – engaging and deep and so much to like – II – gold & gilt to damp spiderwebs – works on so many levels – I imagined cold morning light on dew drops; the paradox of disinterested warmth in IV; I – a domestic prison and III an assertion of life against death or perhaps life and death as aspects of the same thing. Terrific stuff.


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