dVerse Eyes

Age Related

One day these eyes
will be boarded up windows,
only seeing the grey side
of sunspots.
They water and drift on a half
hidden stain across a view
from where each day begins.

dVerse “Eyes”   © Misky 2020 Image Flickr Commons

5 responses to “dVerse Eyes”

  1. Love the imagery of this, the inevitability of it happening is true; you communicate that beautifully in detail. Fantastic work.


  2. You vividly capture decaying sight that comes with old age, how it changes the world not just visually but also spiritually. Every phrase is beautifully conceived and placed, but I’m especially taken with this one: ” a half
    hidden stain across a view” – so profoundly sad.

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  3. Powerful piece, Misky.

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  4. Oh… the grey side of sunspots… so powerful

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  5. Wow, a powerful picture of seeing aging.


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