dVerse Witnesses #2

dVerse Witnesses #2

A Taste of Village Life

The village hall just renewed the notice board.

Free. Needs clean but structure sound: 2 seater sofa.
Free. Garage storage rack. Unused.
Free. Brand new iron. electric kettle. 2 slot toaster.
Free. Set of cricket wickets with bails.
Free. Empty helium tank.
Free for collection: 38 mugs
Free: 1/2 tin matte emulsion colour Botanical Extract
Any tree experts: Can someone cut down my tree?
Nice family needs 4-bedroom house in village centre.
Cafe-in-the-Park still delivers meals.
Friday and Saturday special: Fish & Chips.
Buy a senior citizen a meal. Pass it on.
Mr Mathews: I have your package.
Due to COVID, the tip is closed this week.
Found: watch on footpath to the duck pond.
Needed: Rubber rings for 500ml preserving jars.

Note taped to glass: We should make red and green and gold and silver doggy doo bags. When hung from trees they’ll look very Christmassy.

A List Poem for dVerse’s Neighbourhood Witness prompt   © Misky 2020

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