dVerse Prosery

The Drowning of Capel Celyn

A village gone. Into dark stillness that roots it to its soil. It lies weed-hung with the fish. It is too deep to feel the weight of a wave, or to hear a lamb’s bleat. It sleeps where it died in a purple silt.

The store. The church. The butchery and baker. Nothing left behind the wall. All drowned – cups and forks and pots, chairs and tables. Old bones still, submerged into low-pitched colours. There’s no precious trespass on this sunken wreck.

Is that a lamp or a falling star I see. Is that a window shining. A curtain that coils and creeps in its sullen flow.

This lapping sound at my feet, it is a distant and demeaning shuffling of time. Where there is nothing. Behind. The wall. Except a space. Where the wind whistles to escape this deep blue grave.

dVerse Prosery 144 words sans title, including the phrase “there is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles” – from “Drawings By Children” by Lisel Mueller. For more info on Capel Celyn, which was a village submerged in a lake for Liverpool’s water supply. © Misky 2020 Image from Wikipedia

11 responses to “dVerse Prosery”

  1. Didn’t know the history of this place but I very much enjoyed your prose! Especially the ending :))

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  2. ” … and additionally to improve the quality of white-water sports …” – it’s terrible!

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    1. It was a real tragedy.


      1. This is the kind of thing that makes me furious! They do that sort of thing here in South Africa too. I got badly burned for defending a spot of nature from the tourist industry!


        1. A shameful disregard.

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  3. Glenn A. Buttkus avatar
    Glenn A. Buttkus

    Haunting brilliant prose, very colorful, sad and rich in texture and rhythm–loved the way you broke up the prompt line to fit your rhythm. Great exposition, whether reality or fiction.There is a town in NE WA state drowned by the back-up of the Columbia River after the Coulee Dam was built.


  4. I remember reading a novel by Peter Robinson about a body found in a building from a drowned village like this. Great descriptions.


  5. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with the name, but I’ve heard of this town, or something similar. It’s tragic. Not just a way of life gone, but everything buried. Your writing is exquisite. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

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  6. I love the way you broke up that line we had to use.


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