Twiglet #201 and dVerse Quadrille

When I Was 10

Summer’s the shortest season.
Flew by. I flew by. Out the door.

Mum shouting, “Don’t slam the screen door!”

I’d chase distance. Up hills.
A curse on my long bones.

I’d walk the old silver mine’s rusted tracks,
and my freedom knew happiness.

dVerse Quadrille “Happiness” and Twiglet #201 “Weedy Rail Tracks”  
© Misky 2020 Photo by Kévin JINER on Unsplash

7 responses to “Twiglet #201 and dVerse Quadrille”

  1. We need some of that joy now. Hubby and I walked a local forested area’s 1 mile loop the other day and actually did come across a few folks going the opposite way. It wasn’t a track – but it was mostly quiet and a new joyful experience.

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  2. Oh….I LOVE everything about this post. You’ve provided the concrete and real details for so many of us…when we were 10. In the summers of our 10. The slamming of the screen door and the running and the shout of mom from behind. I adore this as it brought back sweet sweet memories. And for me….it also includes coming in for a cold glass of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch 🙂


    1. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich was my favourite.


  3. Love this! 🙂


  4. I love this… those long legs could never rest… when you were ten


  5. Love this, Misk. Fits so well for both prompts.


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