We’re Parked in Cupboards

We’re Parked in Cupboards

I took a chair to the window,
listened to the silence – it was
sharp and thin as mountain air.
And I have nowhere to go.

Our cars parked up in cupboards,
the trains are off their tracks,
planes downed by something
in the air. We’re all parked up.

I watched the middle tree
of three bending in the wind.
Next spring, I think I’ll crowd
the window boxes with colour.

 for Red Wolf Poems #442 and Twiglet #200 © Misky 2020
The photo is by zibik on Unsplash

2 responses to “We’re Parked in Cupboards”

  1. I think many of us will be attempting more gardening, even if just in window boxes.
    I still have a few late blooming/growing green peppers.
    I’d do bulbs but the squirrels eat them.


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