dVerse Does Halloween


This house with its bare walls and empty rooms and doors that slam behind you, and floorboards that groan and rise up to meet you under foot, that watches you with its wandering eye and hidden faces traced in windowpanes, and this house breathes rasping toothy sounds from up above and down below, a shadow of blackened air spilling across the floor, shifting next to you, dragging next to you, cursing behind you, and it catches your scented fear, and it breathes it in – again and again, a seeping intoxication, and it inhales deeply of your life, as if your life were a deep kiss as innocent as birth, and this it’s done with so many others, others whose life this house has taken and kept behind lock and key until your dust is lost under rugs, and this house is without regrets. Absolut.

Under the porch light 
We kissed and said our farewells
To windows with eyes

dVerse celebrates Halloween Haibun  © Misky 2020 Photo by Greg Panagiotoglou on Unsplash

9 responses to “dVerse Does Halloween”

  1. Houses have the most ghost potential, harbouring the impressions of every inhabitant, even in the land around them. It’s the ‘wandering eye and hidden faces traced in windowpanes’ that gets me, and the thought that my dust will be lost under rugs! I love the haiku!


    • In the early 90s, we lived in an old house in Godstone built in 15th century. It was right off the old Roman Road. You’ve never heard a house with so many creaks and cracks on the stairs and doors that slammed when you opened a window somewhere else in the house…

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  2. Please give us the address. We definitely not want to go there by accident!! You set a delightfully creepy scenario!


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