dVersing Samual Greenberg

This Plain Grey Life

We watched, prayed time’s chants,
as the crimson leaves blew into
his eternal six foot deep.

I was wrapped in mourning clothes,
comforted by a plain grey life,

held my sorrow within my sorrows,
within my creased and carded fleece,
within my heart’s brow.

A palmed rose tumbled on to his coffin,
his memory kept with the skulls of saints. 

Note: Before people start sending condolences, this piece is in response to a prompt – completely fictitious. © Misky 2020. For dVerse, using five phrases borrowed from “The Pale Impromptu” by Samual Greenberg. Image from Flickr Creative Commons. CC:00  

6 responses to “dVersing Samual Greenberg”

  1. love your unique take on the prompt – taking the reader to the graveside of this poet with some of his words. Such a well-crafted poem!


  2. You have definitely captured the scene at the grave. I have tossed a few roses into the 6ft deep hole in my life time.


  3. You write this threnody so beautifully and raw. My heart broke at these lines:

    “held my sorrow within my sorrows,
    within my creased and carded fleece,
    within my heart’s brow.”

    The power of your words… Never stop wielding them. This is a haunting write, and so beautifully exquisite. Wow.


  4. This is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Misky!


  5. oh, wow! I really like what you did here. Your images took us to the funeral with all the emotions and feelings of loss and finality. Well done!


  6. I love the delicate use of colour, Misky, and identify with the comfort of a plain grey life.

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