for Twiglet #198

HMS Trenchant: An Error of Judgement

there’s music on the deck,
and Cook’s in his white overalls.

he steps over cables and gears,
and lights up the barbecue.

all in the spirit of lockdown.
and the sailors are dancing

as music’s spilling from speakers
as flags are warning cherry red.

image: Dangerous Work at Low Tide, by Eric Ravilious, 1940
Public Domain. WikiArt. For Twiglet #198 Cherry Red Sky   © Misky 2020

5 responses to “for Twiglet #198”

  1. I had to go googling for this one. I don’t see why the captain got racked over the coals. Stuffy old men at the top. Am I missing something?


    1. It happened due our total lockdown this summer. We had no public transportation, aeroplanes all grounded, no one was allowed to drive beyond 3-miles from their home, all shops except grocery stores and medical offices were closed. The country was completely dead. London was like an apocalypse horror movie. Thousands of people were dying every day from covid. That’s the background context of when this happened. It was not a good example to all us staying indoors and not mixing with family or friends.


  2. You reminded me of an incident about how to wear a paper (blue and white) mask. The box I had gotten as extras showed and directed the blue side out, white inside. I was trying to be polite when I met a woman who wore it reverse. She told me she had read that if you wear it blue side out you had Covid or were sick. I showed her my box… she was not convinced.

    One would think there would be more developed now… but I was reading an article that France had a bad relapse and they couldn’t understand why?

    I enjoyed your poem. Red in most cultures is a warning to stay away. But I think it is good luck in some Asian cultures. “…the red color of the wedding dress is traditional for some countries, including India and China.”


    1. As far as masks go, that’s one of the daftest things I’ve heard yet. And it’s not just France, it’s all of Europe where Covid infections are soaring. It started happening after young people went on summer holiday, mixing and partying with other people, and then returning home, asymptomatic, and spreading the infection to others around them. It’s going to be a tough winter.

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      1. Stock up!

        When our leaders can make good choices – then we have to. But just hope there isn’t another run on basic essential’s. We had a period of time when you couldn’t find toilet tissue. Folks were hording what they did find. There are still some brand name disinfectants we can’t find. And some products can’t be made because shipments of some of the ingredients from overseas can’t be gotten.

        Take care and stay safe.


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