Dverse Lists

It’s Never Just Black and White

Grey is a shape
a mood
to sleep
to dream
a blank canvas
a precursor to black
the colour of hope
motes in light
a eunuch’s cloak
a mushroom hunt
morels and caps
is gray for some 
is a cloud
a vapour
a spirit
a far-flung hill
is never just black and white.


for dVerse “Lists Using Google Search”   ©️ Misky 2020 Image Flickr Commons CC:00


14 responses to “Dverse Lists”

  1. Wow! I’m swept away by the contrasts and the enigmatic imagery that somehow between them get at “gray” — Simply brilliant, Misky. Especially this: the colour of hope/pressure-washed/motes in light” – You use the tangible to describe the intangible in such a vibrant way.

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  2. I loved this Misky! I am a day late getting around to reading everyone’s work. Really glad I got to read yours, really enjoyable. And you’re right and you are right you are right, life is never just black-and-white. There are so many beautiful and wonderful shades. We all need to appreciate each one of them. BTW I love hunting mushrooms, or I used to when I could walk well, in my fingers weren’t so arthritic. Oh well life goes on. Nice work here, Well written.

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  3. Love the changing mood in this…the list shifts just as the color grey has a myriad of shadings between white and black. These words especially resonated with me:
    “s gray for some
    is a cloud
    a vapour
    a spirit
    a far-flung hill
    is never just black and white.”

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  4. I am literally swooning right now 😀 especially love; “the colour of hope/pressure-washed/motes in light.”


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