dVerse Gloomy Ballads

Where Music Stops

She stood in the lee of heavy grief,
as if lashed to a mast on a craggy reef.
Sirens howled in her ear,
and a month lingered to a year.

Swallowed, some say, as she bedded gloom.
Took herself to her darkened room.
Took her heart, and buried it deep,
and then fell into a long cold sleep.

Do we see our loved ones dear,
and does God’s plan become abundantly clear?
No, she said, it’s just a long cold street,
empty of all, but my echoing feet.

for dVerse Poets. A Ballad. Go dark and gloomy. (note: the rhyme constraint went off-piste.)   © Misky 2020 Image: WikiArt Head Study for the Masque of Cupid by Burne-Jones 1859

14 responses to “dVerse Gloomy Ballads”

  1. Deep and dark in grief. It takes us to places we would have never thought imaginable. You can feel the passage of time, in this piece, as nonexistent since the narrator is living with their grief in their isolation; it doesn’t change, it gets worse while being in the same place. It’s incredibly saddening, but beautiful in the way you captured this. Stunning work!

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