for Visual Verse: October

Through a Fine-Tooth Comb

I look out the kitchen window
and mutter, I’m done with rain.

Such are my thoughts, as hot water
showers coffee grounds, and I pull
a fine-tooth comb through my hair.
Have faith, I say, as each white follicle
holds miserly against grating abrasion.

My dust is everywhere. Skin dry and
itching, even the air grates. Comes from
switching on the heating — October’s
too early, but my bones are cold and
my thick socks are poxed with holes.

I once had a Russian doll. She had six
of herself nested into her apple-round
belly. Layers, like petals in petals. Roses
in roses. I long for warm sunny yellows,
no shoes, and tall white topiary clouds.

When I look in the mirror, I wonder
about my own archeology. How many
years until I am topsoil and disjointed
bones displayed next to my trowel
that I misplaced a few summers ago.

I smell coffee, and the toaster jumps to
life. Another burnt slice of bread that
needs scraping with a fine-tooth comb.

Written for Visual Verse’s October Theme  © Misky 2020

5 responses to “for Visual Verse: October”

  1. I think this is super.

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  2. Reminds me of just last week when I had to take my grandson to school so his head could be checked before being allowed to go to his classroom because once again lice had come to his neighborhood. Thankfully his head was clear. But it reminded me of when I had to comb my own young sons heads to check for such… a long time ago.

    I think you’ll find your trowel and stay warm this winter too. You have too many words left to write 🙂

    We also had to turn our heat on early… Not sure if it will be an extra cold winter or not.

    (I’m a tad late with return visits… busy weekends and now I’ve got two house guests for two weeks… Tuxedo cats!)

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    1. Tuxedo cats! What fun! 😸

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      1. They are only a year old, brother and sister. and are fun to play with. But I’ve had to take down the crystals in my window and also move my house plants behind closed doors as twice now someone has been attempting a midnight snack on them! 🙂

        I wrote a post about them here… while the ones I have are different they are similar:


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